Recovery from artrosis by training?

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  1. Jose

    Jose Guest

    Dear all,

    my neck and shoulders are locked and it is very painful and I have read that some people may recover by movement because of the generation of so-called synovia. Who has any experience with this? Have you recovered or did your pain reduce?
  2. kukana

    kukana Guest

    hello jose

    and a warm welcome. you can try to do some exercises but please take care not to overdo it. warming up before is one important thing to do. and just try the slow-motion exercises. as soon as you feel pain stop immediately.

    you should also see a rheumatologist if this is enough for you or if you better undergo a treatment with i.e. cortison or methotrexate.

    i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and still take mtx. it helped me prevent from unbearable changes in my joints. the side effect like headache and being unwell was not that bad.

    well, a synovia may need different treatment. if it is chronically inflamed you should better see your doctor.

    best regards and take care
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